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AAPG Pyrenees field trip

May 21nd, 2016

From the 30th of March to the 5th of April three of our members: Piotr Palacz, Marek Marciniak and Jakub Biały participated in the AAPG Pyrenees field trip organized by Eötvös AAPG Student Chapter.

The main purpose of our visit was to examine the sedimentary structures and structural geology in Spanish part of Pyrenees mountains.

They traveled From Barcelona to two cities inside Spanish interior: Pobla de Segur and Ainsa, where group explore nearby area.

Field trip was guided by Miquel Poyatos Moree, a PhD from the University of Manchester and professors from Eötvös University Student Chapter of AAPG, who introduce us to sedimentology of South Pyrenean Foreland Basin, we have been taught about origin and structures in basic sedimentary systems. In details we studied features like turbidite systems, submarine canyons, slope channels and slope-shelve transitions, paleovalleys, intertidal and tidal deposits.

These structures in observed rocks were compared to existing petroleum reservoirs with highlighted importance of field geology in understanding origin of formation.

To sum it up it was a marvelous opportunity to see famous outcrops on our own eyes. What is more, it was a great chance to meet once again people from Budapest, see beautiful Spanish interior, mountains and cities.

Big thanks to you organizers from Eötvös AAPG Student Chapter! :)



May 3rd, 2016

On 14-16 April 2016 a group of students from our chapter: Jakub Biały, Mirosław Krowiarz, Mirella Ligarzewska, Weronika Miklaszewska, Piotr Palacz, Monika Szokaluk i Klaudia Walczak, took part in GEOSPHERE 2016, which is an annual geophysical workshop & conference for G&G students. This time workshops were organized in North part of Poland, in Gdynia, by Student Geophysical Society Geophone from AGH University of Science and Technology and Student Geological Society of Gdańsk University.

During this workshops, the participants took part in workshops and lectures, which were led by specialists from universities and industry. Two members of our chapter presented their presentation: Weronika Miklaszewska: Surprising Geology - what kind of puzzle rocks are making for us during the well logging interpretation and Klaudia Walczak with a poster: Characteristic of detritic heavy minerals from Middle Triasic carbonate rocks from Racibowice Górne (Lower Silesia) - origin of terigenic material.

We are grateful for an organization of such a great event and we are waiting for next edition, which will take place next year!

"Various aspects of geological structure on the basis of selected methods of measuring well logging"

April 28th, 2016

On the 8th of April 2016 Mrs Wieslawa Romaniuk presented a lecture titled "Various aspects of geological structure on the basis of selected methods of measuring well logging". The meeting with specialist who has longstanding work experience gained in Geofizyka Torun was great opportunity to broaden the knowledge about the geophysics researches. The lecturer analyzed the results of measurement but also shown geophysicist work as fascinating and surprising.

Thank to everyone for coming to the lecture.

3rd Annual Student Energy Conference

Posted by J. Biały •  March 28, 2016

On 9-12 March 2016, at University of Zagreb 3rd Annual Student Energy Conference took place. Two students from our University participated, Joanna Wawrzyniak and member of our AAPG chapter - Jakub Biały.

Both of them participated in poster sessions. Jakub's poster "The potential for unconventional resources of hydrocarbons in Poland, initial drilling results and future outlook" won 2nd place, Joanna's poster "Hydrogeological aspects of shale gas extraction - protecting groundwater during hydraulic fracturing" won 3d place. Posters are available for viewing at the our Institute of Geology.

The Conference brings together some of the best students and young professionals to discuss the latest news and developments in the energy world, with a strong emphasis on the oil & gas industry, but also included topic of geothermal energy and environmental protection.

Also it was great opportunity to meet people interested in this topic from all around the world.

We encourage all members of our chapter to this kind of activity!

We kindly invite you to take part in another event organized by AMU Poznań Student Chapter of the AAPG. Ph.D Stuart Harker will present two lectures: Geoscientists Roles in the Search for Petroleum and Still "Life in the Old Dog", Examples of Field Rejuvenation.

It is a unique possibility to meet a petroleum geologist with international experience. We will start on Thursday 10th December at 3 p.m.

"Geology of the Polish Carpathians - an international field trip to the European roots of the oil industry"

Posted by P. Palacz •  June 6, 2015

"Geology of the Polish Carpathians - an international field trip to the European roots of the oil industry" organized by AMU Poznań Student Chapter of the AAPG took place on 6th - 10th of May in Carpathians in the southern parts of Poland.

Students from Eötvös Loránd University from Budapest, University of Manchester, University of Aberdeen, AGH University of Science and Technology from Cracow and Adam Mickiewicz University from Poznań gathered all together to discover geology of Polish Carpathians and historical origins of oil & gas industry in Europe. At the beginning of our journey in the western parts of the Tatra Mountains we had a chance to observe and study different sequences of overlapping sedimentary rocks.

On the following day in the Outer Carpathians we have been studying flysch sediments that appeared to be very good reservoir rocks for hydrocarbons and right after an improvement of weather conditions we climbed on the highest peak in Bieszczady Mountains - Tarnica.

On the third day we visited Ignacy Łukasiewicz Museum in Bóbrka, where evidences of the very beginnings of oil & gas industry were still present. In the afternoon we took part in the oral session where our special guests and students had a chance to show their presentations. Later on we all enjoyed time spent together around a bonfire.

On the last day we took part in a long field trip organized by students from AGH University of Science and Technology from Cracow, during which we have seen an enormous outcrop in Rudawka Rymanowska and much more.

All in all it was a great experience, unforgettable field trip that gave us lots of memories worth remembering and a new point of view on geology of Polish Carpatians.All in all it was a great experience, unforgettable field trip that gave us lots of memories worth remembering and a new point of view on geology of Polish Carpatians.


Field trip to Lubiatów

May 12, 2015

On 6th May, 2015 the group of our members (2nd and 3rd year students) lead by Monika Szokaluk (PhD student, former President of the AMU PSC) visited the Lubiatów 11H borehole and Lubiatów Oil & Gas Mine (PGNiG Zielona Góra). The trip was organized by M. Dokowicz and J. Sauermann in cooperation with Mr. Jakub Siewko (Geology and Exploitation Department, PGNiG).

Firstly, students visited the oil rig. They were observing a drilling equipment and watching how wellsite geologists, mud loggers and geophysicists work.

Then, the group moved only a few kilometers to visit the biggest oil and gas processing plant in Poland - Lubiatów mine. They learnt about the natural gas and oil processing and the transportation infrastructure.

During the field trip to Lubiatów, our members learnt a lot interesting technical things about oil & gas exploitation and improved their professional skills.

We'd like to thank the Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) for the opportunity to organize the field trip.


GIS application in petroleum geology workshops "Structural surfaces modeling in ArcGIS" led by Rafał Kudrewicz (Geology and Extraction Department, Polish Oil and Gas Company)

Posted by S. Belzyt •  March 16, 2015

"Reservoir engineering in petroleum industry" expert's lecture - Mr Mariusz Dziadkiewicz (PGNiG)

Posted by W. Miklaszewska •  March 16, 2015

On 11 March, 2015 Mr. Mariusz Dziadkiewicz (Head of Reservoir Engineering Division, Geology and Exploitation Department, Polish Oil and Gas Company) gave an expert's lecture titled "Reservoir engineering in petroleum industry". Mr. Dziadkiewicz presented some crucial technical and practical problems connected to reservoir management from a professional point of view.

We would like to thank our guest for a very interesting lecture!

Geotalent Ambassadors' Welcome Day

Posted by W. Miklaszewska •  February 6, 2015

GeoTalent is an educational program organized by Polish Oil and Gas Company. In this year five Geology students of our Institute (and also our chapter members) joined to ambassadors group. They are Szymon Belzyt, Paulina Kotlarek, Weronika Miklaszewska, Paweł Ryder and Klaudia Walczak.

On Friday, 30th January 2015 took place a Welcome Day for them. They had a workshops with Mrs Karolina Buszkiewicz, which is a program coordinator and Mrs Anna Gołębiowska from Strategy Department, PGNiG either with Mrs Sylwia Łubek from HR Department, PGNiG. During the appointment, ambassadors were acquaint with a structure of PGNiG company and with the exercises, with are connected with their function. On the pause between the workshops, ambassadors had guided guests around the Museum of Earth which is located on Collegium Geographicum. There our guests saw a collection of minerals and meteorites with "MemorSS" - the biggest iron meteorite in the Middle - Eastern Europe.


Anniversary Appointment with Field Trips and Presentations - Jeziory, Poland

Posted by W. Miklaszewska •  February 6, 2015

On 20th January 2015 we were celebrating 3rd anniversary of our chapter. On this occasion, we organized Anniversary Appointment with Field Trips and Presentations, which took place in Jeziory between January 23th and 25th.

We listened lectures of Szymon Belzyt, Weronika Miklaszewska, Jakub Zięciak, Mikołaj Kowalczyk, our advisor Dr Wojciech Stawikowski. We also took part in Paweł Ryder workshop. Either we went to a field trip to The National Park of Wielkopolska and The Museum of Nature which lies inside the park. We also spent a nice time on integration games and had a great fun.

List of our presentations:
Szymon Belzyt - Petroleum exploration workflow
Weronika Miklaszewska - Hazards connected with natural gas exploitation
Jakub Zięciak - Salt caverns as a Natural Gas storage facilities
Mikołaj Kowalczyk - The application of NMR method to petrophysical analyse
Dr Wojciech Stawikowski - Structural petroleum traps in geological cartography - an example of interpretation
Paweł Ryder - Practical aspects of borehole data application.


Dialogue and informational campaign "Together about shales"

Posted by W. Miklaszewska •  February 6, 2015

On Friday, 9th January 2015 we took part in Mrs Violetta Kurkiewicz - Zajączkowska lecture: "Dialogue and informational campaign "Together about shales". Summary of Dialogue Committee works in Lębork district, pomorskie voivodeship".

During the presentation our guest introduced us in problems connected with searching unconventional hydrocarbon deposits from local government perspective and relations on inhabitant - industry - local government line.